Mp3 files

A message from guitarist Mike Graff, November 2013:
"Hello friends. We thank you for your interest in Course of Empire music. The free album mp3 files are no longer available from this site. Please support the band now by purchasing official downloads from our labels Carpe Diem and The Orchard, via iTunes. Or consider purchasing original physical product on eBay! Also, please consider ordering Lustrejaw product directly from the band, via Paypal. Lustrejaw is the band's own DIY label. And please check back for information regarding the upcoming new live album "Telepathic Last Show" and "Early C.o.E.". We thank you! - Mike G."

Below are some additional mp3 files of rare CoE songs.
If you have any particular requests, please let me know.

Running Man (hidden track recorded in 1993, located before track 1 of the Initiation album)

Ello Kiddies (Cheap Trick cover recorded in 1992)
Thanks to Peter Marince for locating a copy of the rare Heaven on a Stick compilation.

Cosmic Dancer (T. Rex cover recorded in 1993)
This unreleased song was cut from not one but two albums.
Thanks to Jim Cahill for providing a perfect copy.

Fields of Discipline
Another unreleased track, from the 1989 demo provided by Joe Mojica.

Blue Moon (live)
A live version of Blue Moon (accidentally cut from the live album Phone Calls From the Dead).

Westwood One "On the Edge" radio interview
This brief interview with Chad and Vaughn aired the weekend of March 26th, 1994. The mp3 also includes the album track Infested.

This hymn is hidden behind The Gate on the band's second album.

Apparition (acoustic)
An acoustic version without drums, from Mike Graff's vault. Previously hosted here but now available in the Initiation Demos 2CD set available for purchase on the merch page.

Additionally, four rare tracks from 1989 are now being hosted at Mike's Early CoE page on MySpace.